Mitzvah Corps

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Temple Beth-El is a Kehillat Chesed – a caring congregation – that encourages strong spiritual and communal outreach.

Comprised of congregant volunteers, the Mitzvah Corps will provide support to fellow congregants during both times of joy and sadness.

We need YOU! 

Please give the gift of caring.

It doesn't take much time or effort to reach out to someone in our community and show that you care. A small commitment can bring a lifetime of joy to those in need.

Occasional Mitzvot may include:

  • Driving someone to a doctor's appointment or to the Temple
  • Visiting someone at home or in the hospital
  • Speaking words of comfort to someone in need
  • Helping someone care for a relative
  • Assisting with Shiva needs

Contact the Mitzvah Corps at: 347-6136 ext 300 or send a message directly to Rabbi Torop  

*all contacts are confidential* 

Contact the Mitzvah Corps if you need:

  • Visits at home or in the hospital
  • Occasional transportation to doctor's appointments, Shabbat services, or Temple activities
  • Help caring for a relative
  • Assistance with a Shiva service
  • Calls from a friendly volunteer